About HSU Sociology

The Sociology department has developed two outstanding majors at the undergraduate level. Both our Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies majors have excellent core programs developed through a multi-year process of evaluation and reflection. In the future we will continue to ensure that both programs have an equally strong theoretical, methodological and practical/action emphasis.  These three components create a holistic, integrated approach towards addressing issues of inequality, environment and community on the sociology side, as well as inequality, law, social policy and action and research skills in the CJS curriculum.  We will continue to hone the programs, and their components, so that we are as successful as possible in delivering an excellent education that inspires and motivates our students.

As a department we work to address social justice at the local, regional and global level. Through our research and our community involvement, we commit to continue addressing various issues of social injustice. As a department we will foster a desire and respect for social change amongst our students and our local community. As part of this social justice work we developed a strong critical criminology major that began accepting students in 2013/14. The CJS major is embedded within the sociology program and builds upon our existing strengths in inequality, environment and community.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs will encourage imagination, creativity and the development of applied methodological skills.  We intend to accomplish this via our courses, student involvement in faculty research projects, the diversity of our faculty, the focus of our curriculum, and our linkages with professional and community associations.

The following goals will assist in fulfilling the above vision:

  1. Students will acquire a thorough knowledge of sociological theories and research methods.
  2. Students will develop research skills through community-based activities.
  3. Students will develop professional skills necessary for future careers.