Completing Your BA

Plan Your Coursework

Picking Courses: Each semester, you will want to check in with your Academic or Major Advisor, and plan what to take next semester. The HSU Class Schedule is usually updated close to the time registration opens to show dates and times for courses offered the following semester.

Major Planning Guide: These forms will show you all of the courses you must take to get your degree in Sociology or Criminology and Justice Studies. You will use this form with your Academic or Major Advisor to map out a plan for completing the degree.  The HSU catalog and Major Planning Guide will assist you in completing your DARS and preparing for graduation.

Course Rotations: These show you what the Department of Sociology plans to teach each semester for the next five years. Use this for short term and long term course planning.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Think critically about social and environmental justice efforts and inequalities in communities and environments.
  2. Make linkages between empirical data and theoretical concepts.
  3. Develop the ability to critically engage with research methodology.
  4. Communicate effectively orally (a) and in writing (b).

Capstone Planning

Your capstone experience is the culminating project you complete as you finish your degree in Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies. You will choose between completing a Thesis, an Internship, or a Community Action Research project. Click here to learn about your BA capstone.

Apply for Graduation

No matter your major or minor, you will need to apply for graduation from HSU once you have reached at least 60 units. Work with your Major Advisor to ensure you have a current Major/Minor Contract on file with the registrar.