STAT 108. Elementary Statistics

Introductory statistics with integrated support to aid comprehension. Data collection, descriptive statistics, bivariate data, probability,  probability distributions. Foundational concepts of confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. Use and abuse of statistics. [Open to students
in Math placement category III or IV. Coreq: STAT 8. B-LD.]

This course is designed to help students understand probability concepts and modern statistical methods. You will be learning (i) basic probability concepts and (ii) the application of modern statistical methods in our real world. Briefly, you will be learning how to communicate in the language of probability, how to analyze data, and how to interpret results.

Probability, relative frequency; measure of central tendency, variation, correlation; binomial and normal distributions; testing of hypotheses and estimation; linear regression


Statistics, Informed Decisions Using Data, Michael Sullivan, 4rd edition.

Lab book: Adventures in Social Research: SPSS 17.0/18.0, Babbie, et al., 8th edition.