Ivelisse P. Dominguez

Current MA Student


Teaching Sociology

Research Interests

Race & Ethnicity, Environmental Justice & Environmental Racism, Sex Work

Education/Career Goals

I look to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology and teach in higher academia while continuing social activist work.

Before the Program

After obtaining my B.A. in Sociology, I interned with a migrant rights NGO in Southern California. I also worked with an NGO in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico that focused on providing disaster-resilient homes and community spaces.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I appreciate being able to emphasize in teaching and/or practicing sociology, specifically, and both demand rich community-serving fieldwork. Not to mention, once I began researching the program, I immediately felt a genuinely warm welcome from faculty and knew I was on to something.

About Humboldt Public Sociology

Stay organized, plan ahead, and reach out to faculty and peers with any comments/questions/concerns.

Favorite Place to See/Visit in Humboldt County

I have yet to visit Humboldt County but cannot wait to do so. I will be looking to my brilliant peers for their recommendations!