Prospective Students

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BA in Criminology and Justice Studies

What is a crime, and how do we construct that category? What is the relationship between individual-level violence and state violence? What does all of this have to do with class inequality, race, gender and sexuality? Society's biggest social problems require asking big questions; help us shift the perspectives on crime and justice in the U.S. with a BA in Criminology and Justice Studies.

BA in Sociology

How can I make a difference in the world? Why do some groups of people have many opportunities, and others struggle to make it? Where do I start if I want to effect social change? Learn how to do more than talk about the status quo; be ready to LEAD change with the skills and perspective of a BA in Sociology.

MA in Public Sociology

Ready to take your Sociological Imagination and Research Skills to the next level? Our Sociology program, with a focus on public sociology, can help you achieve your goals, by getting you ready for a PhD program, or by giving you an extra level of skills to prepare you to work for a non-profit or government agency. Learn more about the program, how to apply, and funding opportunities. You can also see a list of past research projects from our former students.