Minor in Sociology

Minor Requirements

The Sociology minor has two required courses, plus students must successfully take twelve units of upper division sociology coursework.

  • SOC 225S (4) Social Issues & Action
  • SOC 382 (4) Intro to Social Research

Criminology and Justice Studies Majors : You must take at least four (4) classes that are not already counted toward your major in CJS. We will Substitute CRIM 225s for SOC 225s, but you need to select a total of 4 Upper Division Electives.

Plan Your Coursework

Picking Courses: Each semester, you will want to check in with your Major and Minor Advisors, and plan what to take next semester. The Humboldt Class Schedule is usually updated close to the time registration opens to show dates and times for courses offered the following semester.

Minor Contracts: ALL of the courses you must take to get your minor in Sociology are listed on the Major Planning Guide. You will use this form with your Advisor to map out a plan for completing the minor. The Minor will be submitted to the registrar via DARS plan before you apply for graduation. To declare a Sociology Minor please complete the Minor Declaration Form.

Course Rotations: These show you what the Department of Sociology plans to teach each semester for the next five years. Use this for short term and long term course planning.