Student Spaces

We have several spaces on campus available to undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Sociology. You can find us in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building (BSS) (campus maps).

BSS 518
Department of Sociology Main Office: BSS 518

Here you will find the office of the Department of Sociology, including the office of the Department Chair, and our Administrative Support Coordinator and Administrative Support Assistant. Students visit the office when they need forms and have questions about their progress in their programs. For example, students visit when they need information on major requirements, to get a copy of their Major Contract, or to meet with Peer Mentors during their office hours.




Sociology Teaching Research & Action Center: BSS 539

Students use this space to study, meet and as a resource space.  Included in this space are the offices for, Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research (HiiMR), Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR), and the CRIM/SOC Clubs Office. This room houses an extensive library of books and journals related to sociology and criminology. Students may borrow books or journals based on the honor system.



Shared Social Sciences Computer Lab: BSS 416

While classes are also scheduled into this lab, during open hours students use this lab for independent research and writing. In this space, students are likely to find others from the department who share training and skills and who may provide support for each other. The lab supports specialized qualitative data analysis software (Atlas.ti) not found in other labs on campus.



Seminar Room: BSS 306

We use this space for small seminar based classes at the graduate and undergraduate level.  The room can also be reserved for meetings. 




Graduate Student Office: BSS 304

Graduate students work as Teaching Associates and Teaching Assistants.  They use this space to hold office hours and work on their own research and coursework.   The room can also be reserved for meetings.