MA in Public Sociology

Turn your Values into Action with a Master's Degree in Public Sociology

  • Whether you are a recent graduate, or a working professional, our Master's Degree in Public Sociology can take you, and your career, to the next level.
  • Working professionals can get their degree part time, or full time, taking evening classes.
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Master's Degree in Sociology

The HSU Master’s Program in Public Sociology fosters a network of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members who are committed to Public Sociology, social justice and social action. Public Sociology represents work that takes sociological knowledge and skills beyond the confines of the academy into the communities where these resources are much needed. Whether speaking to girls and boys about media, gender and violence or consulting with a non-profit on a community survey on corporatization and locally owned business, the work of our faculty and students is tightly interwoven with our local communities.

The Teaching Sociology emphasis introduces students to pedagogy and theories of learning, while providing experience with college classroom teaching. Students explore issues unique to sociology classrooms, while developing approaches effective for education across multiple settings including preparing for a career teacing in a community college and other education-related professional positions.

The emphasis in Practicing Sociology prepares students for professional positions in research, business, government, non-profits organizations and activist organizations. Either emphasis is appropriate for students who wish to continue their graduate study in a Ph.D. program. See the Public Sociology Planning Guide for details.

How can I prepare for an M.A. in Public Sociology?

Students accepted into the Public Sociology Master's Program generally have a strong foundation in sociological theory, research methods, and statistics (SPSS preferred, but not required). If you have not taken those courses, there is a chance you could be conditionally admitted, but you would be required to take those courses before you could enroll in graduate courses.

What can I do with an M.A. in Sociology?

The Master’s Degree in Public Sociology from Humboldt State University opens up a diverse and powerful array of resources to you to cater your experience to your interests and goals. In the Public Sociology program, you become part of a network of activists and scholars that are passionate about helping you turn your sociological imagination into social action. The Department, and the University can support your goals if you want to learn more about community organizing, performing evaluative research, grant writing, social movements, teaching at the college level, environmental stewardship, academic research, criminology and much, much more. Look through the list of faculty and staff for our department, and around the university, to see how we can support your goals.

Preparation for graduate school: Graduates with an M.A. in Public Sociology from Humboldt State University will have the solid background in sociological theory, research methods, and quantitative analysis that one needs to be successful in a Ph.D. program. You will have the opportunity to write a thesis, which should transfer to research-based Ph.D. programs.

Preparation for the work force: Graduates with an M.A. in Public Sociology from Humboldt State University have solid skills will make a resume stand out in the crowd, but also have the critical thinking skills to be successful in a wide variety of careers. By the time you complete your degree, you will have experience with designing and conducting your own research, performing high-level data analysis, making academic presentations, and reading and writing at a high level. You will be well prepared to enter the non-profit, public or private work force with the ability to think critically about social forces, and how to solve social problems through research and/or action.

Former HSU Public Sociology Graduates have gone on to work in the non-profit sector, to work for HSU, to further study at PhD programs, and much more!

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