Research Institutes

 Real world experience is an essential part of your sociological education at Cal Poly Humboldt. Both our undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in faculty research and social action projects, many of which are linked with community organizations and government agencies.

Talk to Sociology faculty members about their work. Consider asking if you can volunteer as a research assistant or a program assistant on social action projects. Many times volunteer work provides a pathway for paid opportunities in the future. Read faculty biographies and talk to your advisor to identify potential work that matches your interests and goals.

The Altruistic Behavior Institute

The purpose of the Altruistic Personality and Prosocial Behavior Institute is to seek out ways to enhance altruism and prosocial behavior in society.

California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP)

Our work informs policy as it affects and improves the lives of rural populations and their environments. We are a resource to rural communities – regionally, nationally, and internationally. Drawing upon the strengths of Cal Poly Humboldt, we offer policy-relevant research and training opportunities.

Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research (HIIMR)


The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research is a research and analysis organization created to fill various information gaps about marijuana issues. It conducts, analyzes and disseminates research and provides expertise to policy makers, health care and medical professionals, businesses and the media, among others.

Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR)

The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR) is a peer reviewed free online journal housed in the Department of Sociology at Cal Poly Humboldt. This internationally recognized journal produces one annual themed spring edition focused around current issues and topics.