Xandra Gradine

Curent MA Student

Xandra Gradine

Teaching Sociology

Research Interests

Mental Health, Educational Policy, Student Success, Social Justice, Equity

Education/Career Goals

Research metrics related to mental health treatment and care; especially in assessing alternative methods of treatment and care outside the traditional (and often inaccessible) models. Serving as an educator and educational leader at an institution of higher learning.

Before the Program

As a student I worked with student leaders in the Residence Halls and Associated Students while earning my B.A. in History & Theatre Arts and my M.A. in Theatre Production. My student leadership focuses were on social programming, recognition and mental health awareness and advocacy. I currently work in the Center for Teaching for Learning, studying faculty development and how educators are trained.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I chose the Public Sociology program at Humboldt for my second Master's degree because I wanted a stronger educational background in understanding theory, social justice practices, and research methodolgy, none of which were a major component in my earlier academic career. I particularly appreciate the program's emphasis on being Public, we are social scientists who make a commitment to use the skills we've learned to make the world (or at least our small corners of it) a better place.