Aaron Perez

Current MA Student

Aaron Perez


Teaching Sociology

Research Interests

Homelessness, civil rights of the unhoused, Factors affecting where the unhoused move to, How legal policy impacts socialization. Deviancy as a social phenomenon and how the label is utilized.

Education/Career Goals

Attain a Ph.D. in order to teach sociology as a part of higher education whilst facilitating and encouraging expanded research into my interests.

Before the Program (what were you doing before you joined the program?)

I was an after school teacher for Elbow Creek Elementary in Tulare county as part of Proyouth's Heart Program whilst volunteering for different organizations in the area. I completed my Bachelors degree at Cal Poly Humboldt in 2021 after receiving an Associate's degree for transfer from College of the Sequoias.

Why HSU Public Sociology (why did you choose this program?)

I attended Cal Poly Humboldt for my undergraduate study during the Covid-19 pandemic and regret not being able to fully engage with the faculty and campus culture. The Program itself is staffed by deeply engaging thinkers and advocates who I feel can help expand my current analytical process whilst engaging in research I am deeply passionate about.

About HSU Public Sociology (what is a tip you have for others about the program?)

Don't overthink the subject you are passionate about, overthink the narrowness of it so you can find a niche you can truly call your own and be passionate about.

Favorite Place to See/Visit in Humboldt County

Trinidad Head Trail.