Alina Randall, MA 2016

MA Alumni 2016

Alina Randall, MA 2016

Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Social Justice, social change, juvenile justice, race/ethnicity, social inequality, community organizing and youth activism

Education/Career Goals

I would like to work in the non-profit field to engage in community organizing (scholar activist). To be an ethnographer is a new goal, which may come if I pursue a PhD.

Before the Program

I received my bachelor’s degree in Sociology from San Francisco State University (Fall 2011). Throughout my undergrad years, I worked with a few local non-profits, all centered on “at-risk” youth and advocacy. I also campaigned for local supervisors, participated in marches and protests, and enjoyed San Francisco life. I’m a Bay Area native, so I was always spoiled when it came to non-academic adventures and diversity in cultures. Family is essential to my being, so when not at school, working, or volunteering, I am more than likely enjoying life with my parents, sisters, and huge extended family.


My placement is with the Center for Applied Social Analysis and Education (CASAE). CASAE is contracted by the Humboldt County Probation Department to conduct evaluation services for two juvenile offender programs. In conjunction with CASAE, I also work with the Youth Disparities Reduction Collaborative with the focus of equitable treatment for all youth coming in contact with juvenile justice authorities in Humboldt County.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I knew upon speaking with Executive Directors of non-profits I worked with, an MA was needed for my career goals and my sister was already attending Humboldt, so I applied to the program and decided to pursue the practicing track. I chose practicing sociology because I wanted to apply my sociological skills to the communities I come from and put into praxis what I feel passionate about.

About Humboldt Public Sociology

Faculty are extremely supportive. I personally had the opportunity to work with both graduates and undergraduates and loved engaging with so many students. As far as the practicing track, 240 hours will fly by, so enjoy it and learn as much as possible from your placement. Your peers can be great resources for networking and finding a placement, as well as faculty. Alicia in the main office is great to know and chat with. If your interests can fall into other departments, do NOT hesitate to communicate with faculty outside of the Sociology department (get your tuition's worth!). The Criminology and Justice Studies faculty, and the Native American Studies Department, were crucial to my placement/project, so always ask questions to whomever you think may help guide your thesis or project.

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

Arcata Community Forest, Kimtu Beach, Willow Creek Area, Blondie’s, Moonstone Beach, Redwood Curtain, Little Shop of Hers, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates, any place that has good music for dancing.