Alison Hong-Novotney, MA 2018

Alison Hong-Novotney, MA 2018

Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality inequality. Formation of cultural identity.

Current Career

Project Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Before the Program

Being a mother and community member. Work: Project Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Why Humboldt Public Sociology
  • The skills and knowledge I would gain aligned with the types of community work that I was doing.
  • I live in Humboldt and didn't want to relocate for school.
  • I got my undergraduate degree at Humboldt in biology and knew that I would get a good education.
About Humboldt Public Sociology
  • Start on your placement hours as soon as possible (for Practicing tract)
  • Stay in contact with the Graduate Coordinator. Reach out to them for any advice or questions or to check on milestones often.
  • Try to determine your thesis/project subject as early as possible so that you can maximize your work in the coursework and really apply what you are learning in the courses to your writing.
  • If you aren't sure what might be a topic that you can accomplish, brainstorm with your advisor and the Graduate Coordinator early and often.
  • Try to enjoy it! Even though it can be stressful, it's a privilege and is only a short moment in your life!