ANTH 318. Ethnography

Problems and techniques of describing culture and representing the “other.” Critical look at the process and politics of descriptions anthropologists craft. [Pre req: ANTH 104.]

In this course we will discuss issues and practice techniques in the major qualitative methods of conducting ethnography. Class will combine lecture, discussion, online contributions and student presentations. Over the course of the term, each student will develop a research project utilizing the main activities of qualitative fieldwork methodology. In the first several weeks students will propose and outline mini-ethnographies while we will review anthropological discussion of method and its relation to theory, including questions of perspective, theories of language in culture, and practical issues. Students will keep detailed notes, conduct ethnographic exercises and prepare for presentations of their own material in class.

This course demands considerable work outside the classroom on your part. In addition to (relatively light) course readings, the process of designing and pursuing an independent ethnographic research project will require a significant volume independent work. You will be expected to contribute to the work of each other through comments and suggestions submitted to a class forum.