FILM 362. Social Change Digital Production

Examines how social change digital media is a tool that increases awareness and modifies behavior. Develop and produce short digital media social change productions. [Insurance fee. Rep 3 times. Offered alternate years.]

Do you have something to say that you want people to see and listen to? The ability of film to persuade audiences makes it a very powerful tool for social change. Social Change Digital Productions aim to increase awareness, influence positive behavioral change and transform social norms. This experiential, hands on course explores the challenges of social change digital media production through the study and development of short social change videos. Instruction includes lectures, hands-on workshops, project- based learning, film screenings with discussion, self-directed study and equipment training. The class is organized around the development, production and completion phases of class-supported projects.


Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright  by Pat Aufderheide.