FILM 445/455S. Grant Writing

Fundamental practices of proposal development and grant writing; applicable to all professions. Hands-on activities as grantee and grantor. Emphasis on post-graduation grant writing. Includes working with a fiscal agent. [Rep 3 times. Offered alternate years.]

Successful grant writing entails having a vision you can articulate; strong critical thinking and writing skills; an unwavering attention to details; motivation and perseverance; and an understanding of the philanthropic and proposal process. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills and ideas through experiential activities, in-­‐class workshops, and assignments that mirror professional world activities.  Emphasis is on project-­‐based proposals and post-­‐graduation funding needs. Students experience both sides of the requesting and giving process to strengthen one’s ability to write competitive proposals.

This course fulfills a Film Major and Film Minor elective requirement. Students must earn a minimum grade of C-­‐ to fulfill these major and minor requirements.

This course fulfills a Social Research and Action Skills elective for Criminology and Justice Studies Majors. Students must earn a minimum grade of C to fulfill this major knowledge area requirement.

This course fulfills a Social Action elective for the MA in Sociology. Graduate students must earn a minimum grade of B to fulfill the graduate requirement.

This course fulfills an Environment and Community Masters elective requirement. Graduate students must earn a minimum grade of B-­‐ to fulfill graduate degree requirements.


Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship, 4th edition by Soraya M. Coley and Cynthia A. Scheinberg.