Hanna Menefee, MA 2015

MA Alumni

Hanna Menefee, MA 2015

Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Food systems, food policy, and public nutrition

Education/Career Goals

I love applied research! After completing my MA I hope to continue in much of the same type of work I am currently doing, but at a greater level. Ideally I would like to learn about the best forms of rural food practices that can be applied to communities throughout the world.

Before the Program

I finished my BA in sociology from the City College of New York in 2011. During this time I got my first introduction to social research through my job at the Dominican Studies Institute. After graduating, I decided to take time away from academia and see the world. I lived in a handful of countries in South and Central American for about a year and a half working at non-profits and teaching English.


In my placement through the California Center for Rural Policy I work with the California Building Healthy Communities initiative to provide support to the Food Policy Council of Del Norte County as a research analyst. My ultimate product outcome was a report highlighting important demographic, economic, and food-system related information to help the council members and other policy makers in the county decide where to focus their efforts for community improvement. My thesis incorporates my knowledge and experience from this work and explore rural food systems and how they are effected by the global food trade.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

The Humboldt Sociology MA program was appealing to me because of the emphasis on applied/ practicing sociology. The Humboldt Sociology department puts a strong emphasis on real-world connections and contributions. The required 240-hour placement was also a big attraction for me - not only am I learning the facts in the classroom but getting the experience in the job field at the same time!

About Humboldt Public Sociology

Everyone in the Humboldt Sociology department has been nothing but welcoming and supportive since day one.

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

Arcata Community Forest, Saturday Farmers Market, Northtown Coffee'sĀ front deck on a sunny day!