Janae Teal, MA 2015

MA Alumni 2015, Graduated With Honors

Janae Teal, MA 2015
Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Juvenile Justice, Race, and Education

Education/Career Goals

I would like to be involved in curriculum analysis and/or education policy analysis

Before the Program

Before coming to Humboldt, I attended Washington State University where I received Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and English. While attending WSU I worked for the Office of Student Involvement as well as the Office of Student Diversity. I was very involved in campus activism and social justice within LGBT communities.


I did my placement work with the National Center for Youth Law (NYCL). As a sociologist who is passionate about the systematic disadvantages that are faced by children in both the education and juvenile justice systems, I could think of no better organization that I would like to work with for my placement. I will be writing a thesis based on this work.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I was first attracted to the fact that the Humboldt Sociology MA is a terminal Master’s Degree. I am still on the fence about whether I want to attend a PhD program, so this program has given me time to figure that out a bit. Additionally, I was intrigued by the option to get a Master’s in Public Sociology. I am a firm believer in taking the sociological (and research!) skills taught in the classroom, and applying them in the real world. I figured a Public Sociology program would be a great place to start!

About Humboldt Public Sociology

Everyone that I have worked with is so kind. Alicia (in the Sociology Office) is fantastic! She will make your grad school experience better—I promise! :)

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

Fern Canyon (Outdoor Adventure) and Arcata Scoop (Best Ice Cream. Ever.)