Nicole Chappelle, MA 2015

MA Alumni 2015

Nicole Chappelle, MA 2015

Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Food Security, Food Policy, Food Justice

Education/Career Goals

To continue being a researcher influencing the lives of people in rural communities in the areas of health and food security.

Before the Program

I received a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Sacramento State in 2011. I took off some time before considering applying for a master's degree, teaching Zumba classes and working odd jobs.


My placement was with the California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP) and I designed a marketing and outreach plan for administering an Humboldt Student Food Security Survey. I assisted in the analysis and summarization of the data, which became the foundation for my thesis.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I decided to continue on with sociology because of my background in sociology, and I wanted more experience with research methods. I chose Humboldt because I am from this area and I love the climate, location, and the campus.

Favorite place to see/visit in Humboldt County

Arcata Community Forest, Trinidad State Beach, Strawberry Rock, and Kimtu Beach along the Trinity RiverĀ (in Willow Creek).