Sade Perez

Current MA Student

Sade Perez

Teaching & Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Impacts of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Medical Sociology

Education/Career Goals

Teach at the Community College level and lead meaningful research to
challenge the current standard of unequal access in healthcare

Before the Program (what were you doing before you joined the program?)

As an undergraduate in the HSU Department of Sociology, I spent my time researching gender and video games while
working in retail pharmacy, which led me to my current research interests as a graduate student
in the program.

Why HSU Public Sociology (why did you choose this program?)

This program embraces a diverse range of thought and encourages meaningful research while preparing students for many
elements of academia and the cultures created within it, all of which I thought to be important
elements to becoming a well-rounded sociologist.

About HSU Public Sociology (what is a tip you have for others about the program?)

Utilize the services and resources available to students!

Favorite Place to See/Visit in Humboldt County

Elkhead Trail in Trinidad