Seth Bradley

Curent MA Student

Seth Bradley

Practicing Sociology

Research Interests

Labor/Work and education, the role they have in society, and their relationship with social justice.

Education/Career Goals

Complete the Master's of Sociology program at Humboldt and continue my public service with an increased capacity and education.

Before the Program

I graduated from Humboldt with a BA in Political Science, spent a year doing team based service with Americorps NCCC based out of Mississippi, and then returned to Humboldt where I eventually started working the the Dean of Students to support our students.

Why Humboldt Public Sociology

I believe that social justice and action have been, and will continue to be critical to humanity's progress, that our current socio-economic systems are rapidly becoming obsolete and ineffective, and that Sociology is one of the fields that will enable us to not only understand social (and economic) change, but also help guide it (and humanity) to a better place. Some of the most compassionate and effective people I know came through Humboldt's Public Sociology program, and I hope to be able to carry on that tradition.