SOC 275. The Emerald Triangle

This course examines the production, distribution and use of Marijuana in “The Emerald Triangle.” We consider perspectives from: Law Enforcement, Environmental and Human Health, Legalization, Medical Use, and Land Use. [CR/NC.]
Examine from a sociological perspective the key issues surrounding the production, use, distribution, and legislation of marijuana in what has been coined “The Emerald Triangle”.  Understanding the issues from the following perspectives: Campus Law Enforcement, Environmental and Human Health, Medical Use, Legalization, and Cannabis Community Engagement. We will become familiar with these issues and the economics, culture, and politics of the marijuana industry in the region.
  • Describe the history of marijuana cultivation and culture in the Emerald Triangle;
  • Identify and explain the sociological significance of many of the central issues and arguments about the marijuana industry in Northern California;
  • Describe the social structure that has emerged in the area around marijuana production and how class, race and gender intersect in this multi-billion dollar industry;
  • Understand basic law enforcement perspectives and challenges regarding the marijuana industry;
  • Describe the effect marijuana production has on both ecological and sociological wellbeing.