SOC 303M. Race and Inequality

Required corequisite for sociology majors enrolled in the 3-unit GE course of the same title. One unit accompanying course required for Sociology majors, to engage in deeper thought and research about race and inequality from a sociological perspective. [Coreq: SOC 303.]

In an effort to increase student knowledge on issues of race and inequality, including social justice issues, students will engage in review of research in a subtopic area of their choice and learn the mechanics of writing a literature review. The format of this course is primarily a workshop & computer lab, where you will practice skills and learning strategies, often in small groups with peers. All students are expected to actively participate in discussion and application activities during class.



The Elements of Style by Strunk, W. & White, E.B.  (There are multiple editions and versions of this text, any of which would be helpful for your writing skills.) 

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (2004) Gotham Books  (All texts will be available on reserve at the Humboldt Library for in library use)