SOC 480. Speical Topics (Topics Vary)

Pressing social issues and popular topics. [Prereq: junior or senior standing. Rep.] Offered at 1-4 units per topic.

Topics vary by semester. Talk to your advisor to see where a special topics course will fulfill course requirements towards gradaution.Speical topics include:

SOC 480: Global Right-Wing Extremism (4) A cross-cultural survey of violent and nonviolent right-wing extremist groups with (Neo)nationalist, (Neo)fascist and (Neo)nazi ideologies from a policy perspective. A global sociological approach to the issues including neoliberal transformations, limits of democracy and freedom of expression, violence, hate speech, radicalization, online media, racism and criminalization. This course meets CJS Knowledge Area: Law or Justice & Policy. [Offered Spring 2020]

SOC 480: Aging: Inequality & Public Policy (1) This course will discuss past & present successful models for providing seniors with quality care, dignity, and self-determination; cover an overview of economic, social, legal, political, and historical aspects of an aging society; and examine relationships between inequality and aging through the creation of dependency and disenfranchisement of America’s older adults. (CJS and SOC Majors check in with your advisor to see how this unit will fit into your academic plan.) [Offered Spring 2020]

SOC 480 Community Action Research (3) Foundation in theories and methods used in community-based research, activism, organizational assessment, and grant research and writing. Client-based work. [Offered Spring 2020]