SOC 583. Quantitative Research Methods

Discover the art and science of survey methods and data analysis in community research contexts. Develop statistical (descriptive, inferential, regression) analysis skills with emphasis on conceptual understanding and written interpretation. [Prereq: STAT 108 and SOC 382, or equivalents.]

This is the required methods course for all Sociology masters students. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the research methods and basic statistical skills needed to collect and analyze quantitative data. Though this course emphasizes the methodological issues relevant to conducting quantitative research, we will be considering an array of approaches to studying the social world, with a focus on the art and science of survey research methods. In addition to methodological considerations, we will also examine the social, political and ethical dimensions of designing and executing research in general and applied research in particular. Over the course of the semester we will explore the stages of survey development and administration including measurement, instrumentation, sampling and distribution, and institutional review board approval. The course also includes a lab component that will provide you with hands-on exposure to statistical analysis using SPSS.


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